Do You Need a Lawyer to Help You with a Trust or Probate Matter?

Probate and Trust issues vary widely based on your particular circumstances. If a loved one has passed, that person’s lifetime possessions must be distributed according to his or her written wishes, or if there was nothing written, like a will or living trust, then according to State law.

A trust, regardless of the type of trust, must be administered according to the trust documents. People often need an attorney’s help determining what to do when faced with a complicated trust or probate.

If there is some dispute about whether a trust or estate is being administered correctly, or whether you as a beneficiary of the trust or estate are getting everything you’re entitled to, then you should talk to an attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

We have years of experience helping Bay Area residents through all types of trusts and estate issues, including:

  • Probate and Trust Administration;
  • Estate Planning and Will and Trust drafting;
  • Probate and Trust disputes;
  • Beneficiary designations and disputes;
  • Co-ownership and joint tenancy survivorship disputes; and
  • Most other types of probate, trust and estate matters.