Are you Involved in a Dispute Between TIC Cotenants, Among Condominium Owners, or Involving a Small Homeowners Association in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Our experience creating TIC and Condominium Associations over the years has provided us with a unique perspective on the frictions that can develop among homeowners within these shared-living arrangements. If you are embroiled in a conflict with your TIC or condo neighbor, if your Homeowners Association is not treating you fairly, or if your Homeowners Association needs to take action to enforce the rules against a non-compliant owner, we are ready to help.

Common TIC Disputes we have helped resolve include:

  • Noise & Nuisance
  • Parking & Storage
  • Unbalanced Mortgage Financing
  • Sale of TIC Interests
  • Refinancing
  • Condominium Conversion

Common Condominium Disputes we have helped resolve include:

  • Unauthorized Owner Improvements
  • Pets, Satellite Dishes, and Misuse of Common Areas
  • Allocation of Assessments, especially for Window Maintenance
  • Rental Restrictions
  • Collecting Dues and Reserves

Our TIC/Condo Dispute Resolution practice includes:

  • Interpretation and explanation of TIC Agreements and Condominium CC&Rs and Bylaws
  • Amendment and updating of TIC and Condominium governing documents;
  • Mediation, arbitration and litigation; and
  • Forced Sales and
  • Partition actions.