Do You Need Help with a Residential Tenancy-In-Common (TIC)?

Are you ready to enter into a residential Tenancy-In-Common ownership agreement in San Francisco, or do you wish to create a new agreement to facilitate the sale of a TIC interest in your property?

Our attorneys have been preparing the legal framework for residential Tenancies-In-Common (TICs) throughout California for over a decade, facilitating the creation of over 400 TIC groups, representing more than 2,000 homeowners. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in all aspects of TIC creation and operation, and can offer a custom-drafted TIC agreement tailored to your TIC group, or a marketing TIC agreement to facilitate sale of your property as a TIC.

We are experienced in creating TICs utilizing “fractional” mortgage financing, and can help you obtain the Public Report from the California Department of Real Estate required for sales of TIC projects of 5 units or more.

Timing means everything in real estate; your San Francisco Realtor® can confirm that we maintain the staffing and resources to offer turnaround times which no other firm can match. Our attorneys are available to offer additional guidance in landlord/tenant issues, title transfer and vesting, trust and estate matters, easements, property tax issues, and all other matters related to TICs and condominiums. We offer skilled mediation services to TIC groups and Homeowners Associations to help resolve internal disputes.